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High-ranking visitor: Dr. Magnus Brunner, LL.M.
visits the new company premises of DiniTech

Climate protection, environment, energy, mobility, innovation and technology – these topics are not only the focus of DiniTech, but also lie in the area of responsibility of State Secretary Dr. Magnus Brunner. Together with a delegation of state and local politicians, the new production hall was visited. Managing Director Dietmar Niederl told the story of the company’s origins, reported on future plans and of course also presented NRGkick – the safest charging unit for electric cars on the market. A proud day for DiniTech, which was also able to present itself as an important regional employer.

DiniTech GmbH wins Styrian Export Award 2021

As part of the Styrian Export Day on 24 June, the Styrian Export Prize 2021 was awarded for outstanding export success in three categories. DiniTech GmbH from St. Stefan im Rosental was the winner in the small business category. DI Stefan Stolitzka, President of the Styrian Federation of Industry, presented the award to founder and Managing Director Dietmar Niederl, who was visibly proud and happy: “This award is a great honour for us. We feel encouraged to have made the right decisions and taken the right paths in such a difficult economic time.”

Charging partner at the e-Mobility Play Days

NRGkick was not only an exhibitor at the largest e-mobility event in Austria, but also supplied the charging infrastructure for the approximately 60 electric test vehicles. This ensured that all vehicles could be fully charged as quickly and safely as possible.

Porsche Holding subsidiary MOON relies on NRGkick

Since 2018, there has been a partnership with Allmobil GmbH, a company of Porsche Holding, which sells charging solutions for electric vehicles under the MOON brand. Together, MOON’s product range was expanded to include the MOON2GO mobile charging unit, which is based on the well-known and proven NRGkick charging unit.

Press releases

January 31, 2019

Extremely robust, absolutely safe, and established as a permanent fixture on the market: these were the reasons why Porsche Holding Salzburg decided to rely on the NRGkick mobile charging unit in the field of electromobility. Since 2018, there has been a partnership with Allmobil GmbH, a company of Porsche Holding, which sells charging solutions for electric vehicles under the MOON brand. …full report

September 21, 2018

Not only in terms of electric vehicles themselves, but also in the area of the charging infrastructure required for their operation, the Road Service of the Province of Lower Austria is a showcase model. The 2020 state target of the Lower Austrian electromobility strategy, which calls for a 5 percent share of electric cars in the total car population, has already been met since last year. …full report

August 28, 2018

ASFINAG is keeping its finger on the pulse of the times and is not only expanding the proportion of electric cars in the group’s own corporate fleet to one-fifth by 2020, but is also now focusing on fast and safe charging with the NRGkick mobile charging unit. In NRGkick, the freeway group is relying on a strong and established Austrian partner whose charging units have not only become an international export hit, but are now in every third electric car in Austria. …full report

May 04, 2018

The inventors of the NRGkick mobile charging unit can look forward to another high-ranking international award. After the final nomination for the top 10 of the EU Startup Award, the fast-growing company from southern Styria won the second prize of the European GreenTec Awards on May 13 in Munich. …full report

February 19, 2018

The innovative producers of the mobile charging unit for electric cars NRGkick can be happy about a real price blessing these days. With their charging solutions, they won three awards at once. After winning the local innovation award of the Styrian volcano country, not only the final entry into the best 10 of the EU startup award followed, but also the nomination for the top 3 of the European GreenTec Awards. …full report

Press reports

wirtschaftsinsider, February 06, 2020

DiniTech GmbH recently officially heralded the start of construction of the new company building with a groundbreaking ceremony. 4 million euros are being invested in the planned new building. “Charging electric cars anywhere there is electricity” – that is the vision of DiniTech GmbH. …full report

home&smart, 28. Dezember 2019

E-cars are very popular, but they are much less flexible than standard gasoline-powered cars. Drivers often find themselves in the predicament of not being able to reload their vehicle due to a lack of quick charging options. To remedy this situation, NRGkick developed a mobile wallbox. …full report

meinbezirk, February 04, 2019

The “NRGkick” charging unit from “DiniTech” in St. Stefan im Rosental has made a name for itself. In addition to ASFINAG and the province of Lower Austria, Porsche Holding Salzburg also relies on the product from southeastern Styria. …full report

electrive, January 31, 2019

Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS), which sells charging solutions for e-vehicles under the MOON brand, is expanding its product range to include the MOON2Go mobile charging unit. This is based on the well-known NRGkick charging unit. …full report

Elektroauto-News, January 23, 2019

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a wallbox on the road, you can’t get around a mobile charging cable. One of the most popular mobile charging solutions on the market is the NRGkick cable from Austrian manufacturer DiniTech. …full report

VISION mobility, January 14, 2019

Anyone involved in electromobility repeatedly encounters a hot topic: charging. After all, what can be done if the necessary infrastructure is not available either at work or at home to recharge the electric vehicle quickly and easily? …full report

taxi heute, October 17, 2018

With a mobile charger from the Austrian company NRGkick, cab and rental car operators could get started in electromobility. With a charging power of 22 kW like a wallbox and equipped with automatic adjustment to the available charging current, the NRGkick mobile charger from the Austrian company DiniTech GmbH. …full report

Kleine Zeitung, August 29, 2018

When ASFINAG expands its e-car fleet, it equips them with Dietmar Niederl’s fast chargers. In terms of volume, it is one of the largest single orders to date for the southeast Styrian company NRGkick. The customer is, after all, the state-owned freeway company ASFINAG. …full report

Arrive Magazin, August 28, 2018

The Austrian highway operator ASFINAG, which also finances, plans, maintains and builds federal highways in our neighboring country and is also a revenue generator for numerous tolls, is expanding the electric car share of its own car fleet to one-fifth by 2020 and equipping its charging units with uniform NRGkick charging units. …full report

Der Standard, May 28, 2018

A Styrian start-up has developed a charging cable that can be used to charge electric cars at conventional high-voltage sockets. No, Dietmar Niederl does not yet have a branch in China and the USA, his employees cannot splash around in a swimming pool on the roof of the factory building during their lunch break, and he has not collected any money from fortune seekers from the net. …full report

Der Standard, May 28, 2018

The charging cable from Styria offers several variants up to cell phone app control. The NRGkick charging cable makes it possible to connect any electric car directly to a 400-volt power socket. In Austria, there are two different 400-volt power connections, either with 16 A of current and 11 kW of charging power or 32 A and 22 kW of charging power. …full report

Kleine Zeitung, March 05, 2018

In Styria, three start-ups are focusing on developing fast and modern charging options for e-cars. Major manufacturers and many customers have already taken the bait. Easelink, Volterio and NRGkick: What unites them and what makes them different. A modest 1.5 percent. The share of electric cars in newly registered passenger cars in Austria in 2017 is growing slowly. …full report

CSR-Guide, February 26, 2018

With its mobile charging unit for electric cars, the Styrian e-technology company NRGkick has won three awards. After winning the local innovation award of the Styrian volcano country, not only the final nomination for the best 10 of the EU Startup Award followed, but also the final entry into the top 3 of the European GreenTec Award. …full report

Mobility Mag, January 31, 2018

On May 13, the GreenTec Awards will be presented for the eleventh time. The Environmental Award is the opening event of IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, in Munich. Awards are given to ecologically innovative companies in the categories of energy, lifestyle and sports, among others. Three concepts have also been nominated in the “Mobility” category. We also present them individually. The first of these is the Austrian start-up DiniTech, which has developed NRGkick, a mobile wallbox for charging electric cars. …full report

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